I'm Solar, a female 3D GFX maker. (And 2D, I bet you didn't know that!) I love to play Roblox, and I've been on it since 2017. My favorite games are: Tower of Hell, Murder Mystery 2, Piggy, and Welcome to Bloxburg. (Very average, I know.)

When it comes to my GFX's, it depends on whether it's a scene or profile picture for how I make it. For profile pictures, I enter Roblox Studio and do all of the posing and exporting, then I go into Blender Lightroom and set the metallic to half and roughness to half, then I add 300% sheen. I then go into Photopea and add the background, glow, and stroke.

For scenes, I add the background and props in Roblox Studio, Then I go into Blender Lightroom and add the glossiness and all of that, then I go into Medibang Paint Pro and add the glow and lighting there.

I recently joined the GFX community. I decided I wanted to join because I saw one of Toast Rbx's videos. She is an amazing content creator, and I do recommend checking her out.




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